Drop Earrings

Gold Edition

Jewelry features a base metal, such as stainless steel, covered with a thin layer of 18-karat gold. This plating technique allows for the luxurious look and feel of gold at a more affordable price. The 18k gold layer provides a rich, warm appearance with a good balance of durability and purity, making it a popular choice for fashion jewelry that combines both quality and style.

Belovvie's Snake Bangle Bracelet

Embrace the allure of the serpent with Belovvie's elegantly designed Snake Bangle Bracelet. Crafted from premium 18k gold-plated stainless steel, this exquisite piece combines durability with a luxurious finish. Its unique design mimics the sinuous form of a snake, wrapping gracefully around the wrist for a touch of exotic sophistication. Ideal for both everyday elegance and special occasions, the Snake Bangle from Belovvie is a timeless accessory designed to enchant and impress.

Commitment to Your Comfort

At Belovvie, we prioritize your well-being alongside your style. Our collection features only the finest 18k gold-plated and stainless steel jewelry, chosen specifically for its hypoallergenic properties. Each piece is designed to be stunning and gentle on sensitive skin. We believe that true beauty never compromises comfort. Wear our designs with confidence, knowing that Belovvie cares for both your elegance and your health.

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